TULE is a unique group of individuals who are Funeral Directors, Celebrants, End of Life Doulas, Artists, Counsellors, Healing Coat and Shroud Makers, Coffin Builders, Community Support Workers, Healers, Gardeners, Mothers, Daughters, Aunties, Cousins, Sisters and Friends.

We come from all walks of life and offer support to all who have experienced death, dying and grieving.  Our greatest gifts are our ears for listening, our open hearts for holding, our story sharing, and our deep compassion, wisdom and empathy. We wish to share these gifts with our communities, improve death literacy and share resources with as many individuals as possible to mitigate the fear and concerns of death and dying in our society.  



We regularly hold events with our TULE volunteers and enjoy getting community members involved. 

We'd love to see you at our next event soon. 



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